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Hi, I'm Courtney Mitchell

I’m so excited you’re here! After earning my bachelor’s degree in photography and business, 12 years of experience as a wedding photographer, we serve the best, most deserving couples on the best day of their lives. If you’re looking for a photographer who delivers connection you can see, the highest quality photos, and a luxurious client experience, you’re in the right place. We’re ready to give you an experience that transcends anything you’ve ever heard of. If you’re ready to dive on in, let’s skip the small talk and start planning!

Luxurious Wedding Photography for long lasting relationships & memorable experiences

Hiiii! Congratulations on your engagement! I am thrilled you are here and cannot wait to serve you in every way I know how!! You're going to be thoroughly impressed at how simple this process can be, so relax, make yourself at home, and enjoy the ride.

Together, we can perfectly craft a wedding collection that fits your unique wants and needs so that your wedding day is everything you dreamed it would be. Click below to learn more about the process!

I am usually completely awkward in front of a camera, but somehow she has a special way of making you feel comfortable and natural.


Courtney has all of the elements of a standout photographer — combining her technical skills with an eye for memorable moments and sweet details 

Peerspace, “The 7 Best Photographers in Kansas City

Of all the professional photos I have had done in my life, the best experience, BY FAR, has been with Courtney!

Sienna S

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Imagine raising your pricing by four figures and STILL being able to pick and choose what kind of clients you work with WITHOUT changing anything you’re offering right now. Six figures, UNLOCKED. Dream clients, UNLOCKED. Booming business, UNLOCKED.

Stay tuned for a second to none coaching program that gives you the step by step blueprint to achieve exactly that! 

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Courtney Mitchell

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